About Me

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"Curious Photographer"

Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology.

The artistic aspects of photography appeal to my curious nature. When I see an intriguing scene, I try to save it in a way that presents it how I saw it.

I began my photographic journey in the early 1970s with my father’s camera. With it I learned the basics; composition, lighting, camera mechanics, etc. Then, while still in school, I worked as a family portrait photographer which introduced me to world of commercial photography. I had fun with it, but I determined that in the long run it was not for me.

​Well as time went on I married the love of my life, had two wonderful children and focused on providing for my family. During those years various hobbies like candle making, fly tying, and cultivating bonsai trees did provide an outlet for my creativity. Although I enjoyed and grew from those activities I always returned to my true obsession, photography.

​In 2014, after 40+ years of a nine-to-five life, I was able to retire which allowed me to continue on my photographic journey. With the advances in equipment and image processing I now can better express my creative vision.

​I invite you to take a moment to come and see things the way I do, if only for the fun of it.

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